Easy Fried Chicken Recipe

I may not be a southern belle, but I can fry up some chicken like one. Whenever my lil brother is over, I HAVE to make this for him, preferably with mac n cheese and sweet peas. His all time favorite meal.
Get the recipe. Read More


Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens Teaser Trailer

Cartoon Network offers the first look at a CG animated Ben 10 in the upcoming special Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.
A large tank is travelling through Bellwood. It is smashing over cars and being chased by police. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max find it and the tank begins growing spider-like legs to begin chasing them. They retreat to under a tunnel where their tires get destroyed. Grandpa gets out to fight it and tells Ben and Gwen they can’t fight on a school night.
They both get out and Ben transforms into Upgrade and gets ready to fight. Gwen tries telling him it needs a spell to be destroyed and she begins fighting with Ben. Upgrade finally merges with the tank but it overcomes Ben’s power. Gwen uses a spell on it and the robot falls apart. Then Upgrade transform back and the Omnitrix begins glowing pink, after being affected by the spell. Read More


The Final Battle Boss Stage

Boss Battle of Final Battle level in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction. Watch me beat the snot out of the evil Tokustar. I dont own Ben 10. Read More

Mr. Beans Most Funniest Clip Ever

Watch Mr Bean-Taking a picnic Youtube

Mr Bean always make you laugh, Right.Today we bring a very amazing and different comedy of Mr Bean, Mr Bean going to picnic for having some fun.Today whats wrong with Mr Bean ? Mr Bean selfmade problems always causing funny situations.Mr Bean is alone in picnic and what he is going to try some thing new in his Picnic adventure.Watch this funniest video of Mr Bean. Read More

Watch Horse Attack on a Man Youtube

This is very exceptional Video footage caught on tap, Horse attack on human being. Aggressive horse even bite to man bitterly and man also defend , it look like horse is mad, or some thing wrong.watch this shocking video taken from Youtube.Read More


Watch this wild animals attack video, Bear Eats a Moose, Dangerous animals attack Youtube.read More

Watch Mr Bean 2012 Full Movie

This is full movie of Mr Bean 2012, You will see how mr bean get up early in the morning in such a strangest and funniest ways , and when he was wearing coat , he came to know he has a dentist appointment, he rushly go outside the home jumnp into car , and even wear his pant and shirt while he was driving car, mr bean also brush his teeth during car driving in such a funniest ways. ultimately Mr bean reach at Dentist clinic at the neck of time.Read more

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